The Girl (anacondafelones) wrote in beproud,
The Girl

I'm proud of becoming an official Founder/Mod...

...of 2 Writing Communities!

I’ve been writing since I was a child, but recently I have been following up a dream of mine to becoming a published author. To achieve this goal, however, I realize there are a lot of little things that make up the big picture. Creating a tangible plot, forming believable characters, and having the stamina to finish what has been started.

Although I belong to a number of critique groups for various genres (_blueberrybagel is one I formed for original fiction of any genre), I noticed there really isn’t any for romance writers of any type…thus the reason for joining forces with astutebunny to form one using bodice_ripper as a place for writers and even nonwriters. If romance is something you like to write, hope you may one day publish, and would like to be part of a critique circle while discussing the aspects of writing, please join.

*if any of you like to write original fiction, feel free to join either/both writing communities! :D
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